Saturday, August 16, 2008

How do you deal with this plastic monster?

Lets plan an assault on this tumor!
Please go thru' the MRI pics in the video. The kid is 6 years old with a few months of raised intracranial pressure and nasal twang since two weeks. He has nystagmus but no gross deficits.
What do you suggest?

What would be the surgical approach? positioning?
What about adjuvant therapy - if completely excised/if not/in either case?
And what do you think is this tumor? (ok...I know... it looks obvious)

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m1 said...

Weird, my 6 year old son has just had a grade 3 anaplastic epenymoma removed, by Dr. Milkovich at Schneider childrens hospital Israel later 6 weeks of radiotherapy, Tumor was totally removed, we have our first MRI on 31 December 2009.
We are planning to give him THC oil soon.
Would love to know what happened to your patient.